Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ready, Steady...

And Go!

Ah Election Day!
Well, it's election day for the half of Nevada's voters that had "something important to do" during the two weeks of Early Voting. But I digress...

Here are a couple things to remember when voting today:

  • You cannot vote by phone. Ever.
  • If you have your absentee ballots still, don't mail it. Take it to your polling location and use a machine.
  • College students, by law, cannot lose financial aid, out-of-state residency, or dependent status by voting where they go to school.
  • Election Day is November 4th FOR EVERYBODY.
  • Take your sample ballot with you, and know you're voting for ahead of time. Read the ballot questions. They are hilarious.
  • If you're in line by 7 pm, you are allowed to vote.
  • Check your poll location before you go. Some have changed. Mine did.
  • The race in Nevada is very tight. Your vote may decide the election.
  • If you vote for John McCain today, your hair will fall out, bank account will be emptied and your personal karma will be brown in the short time you will have on Earth, before you die from a slow, painful disease. Just kidding. Obama '08

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