Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trent Baldwin Walks. And Runs!

Zeke was wrong TWICE about Trent "I am abandoning my Wife and Kids" Baldwin's hearing yesterday.

First Zeke thought that NONE of the blogs, Local Papers or TV would cover this hearing that challenged Baldwin's eligibility to run for Nevada Assembly. Wow. The RGJ political blog posted more about this case, than they did for the freaking Caucus in January! Many other blogs got in on the fun and even a Las Vegas TV Station, I heard, did a story on the hearing. Wow. I thought all we were gonna hear about today was gas prices and public campaign financing blah blah blah. Is it possible that SOMEBODY out there is reading ZEKE SAYS SO? Well YOU are, aren't ya?

Zeke other screwup was that I thought the local "Conspiracy Theorists" were way off base when they discounted Zeke's suggested that Baldwin might actually GET IN TROUBLE for his blatant thumbing his nose at the Spirit and Letter of the Law. I NEVER thought Good Old Judge Jerry Polaha would not see this for what it is: bull crap.

I guess if election laws are STILL not gonna be followed, this cycle we might as well stop voting right? What's the point. Debbie Smith pointed out that this Precedent is gonna create all kinds of problems in the future, and Zeke Agrees. Damn Activist Judges!

And that is why I am now announcing I am running for Mayor of Ely! Why not? Judge Jerry says, as I understand it, that living in the District" is "kinda" optional.

VOTE ZEKE! NO NEW TAXES! (That's what ya say out there, right?) Does Ely even HAVE a mayor? I know they got a big ass copper mine. Bet that'll pay a good Mayoral Salary.

Anyway, Trent "Carpetbagger" Baldwin MUST know he dodged the bullet on this one. The funniest part about the hearing is that Trent promised that he intended to move to AD30 "soon". Riiiiiiiight. Just like Zeke is moving to Ely.

Naw, TB ain't gonna move nothing. Not that he even thinks he has a chance: his campaign website pulls "Baldwin Hardware Store" ads right now, and with the Debbie Smith machine in place in the District, he doesn't have a chance anyhoo.

Oh yeah, Judge Polaha is up for re-election this fall, but is running unopposed, so you can all just skip the "Let's Vote him Out" routine. We are stuck with him. Yeah Washoe Courts! And you wonder why Reno is so often a Punch Line. This is why. Thanks Jerry.

I'm going back to the bar. This is pretty weak day in Nevada Justice.

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